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By Hande Njr

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015

There are many instances that we send or receive or we simply want our files in Rar form. The most common reason is mostly to compress the file to as size that is efficient digitally. The biggest question is what if you want to UnRar the Rar file after receiving them let’s say from an email or whatever source. Then the answer is UnRarX which will help you get your files in their original status. This application is a product of Peter Noriega and it is an application that is free of charge thus won’t cost you anything to have it. It is a product specifically designed for Mac OS X operating system users. It has quite a simple interface that is quite easy to use for anyone on the Mac OS X operating system. Generally it is a good application that serves its required purpose to the maximum capacity.


  • It has quite a simple interface.
  • it is is quite easy to use.


  • It is specific to Mac OS X users.
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Now is the prime time for using simple applications for simple needs. UnRarX is an indispensable extractor utility for your system in case you want decompress and open documents that are currently in RAR format. This application is available free to download for Mac OS X systems, using the power of the Mac processing system.

The advantages of using this format are great, with an outstanding compression resulting in smaller files

One of the most used formats all over the Internet is, without any reasonable doubt, this RAR file extension. The advantages of using this format are great, with an outstanding compression, resulting in smaller files and improving the encryption capabilities for better security. Since this kind of compressed format was not initially supported as a default on Mac OS X systems, users need this software in order to explore the content of RAR files and their variety.

The interface of UnRarX does not have a complicated design. UnRarX consists simply of a single window that shows the progress of compression and decompression of the files. There are no more than a couple of additional functions in the main window options, maintaining the application in a simple style in order to avoid difficult operations.

Choose the options for extracting files
Choose the options for extracting files

Compression without limits

Once the utility is installed in your system, UnRarX will be used automatically to open .rar files and similarly supported formats, making the operations much faster with this extractor. Among the compatibility of additional formats, UnRarX supports multi-volume archives. These archives are a single file split into different parts for making it more accessible to other users, as well as for having them uploaded in online download web services.

These RAR files include an excellent AES encryption, which makes sure that the content will be safe with an almost unbreakable protection. The extraction of these files is done very quickly, using the processing power of the Apple system. Additionally, UnRarX can recover missing and corrupted files using the par2 system and .rev files for the recovery function.

The Sparkle Framework, developed by Andy Matuschak, ensures the automatic update function without the download of external systems. Including this UnRarX to the whole suite of your computer software increases the capabilities of Mac OS X with simple features suitable for all kind of users, and overlapping the functions of the different compressing applications.

UnRarX 2.2 Features

Here you can find listed the main features for this UnRarX extractor software:

  • Simple compressing tool adapted to the needs of Mac OS X users
  • Open RAR files and other associated formats
  • Extract content from highly AES encrypted files
  • Recovery functions using the par2 archives for bringing back corrupted files
  • Command line applications for universal binary files
  • Automatic free updates using the new Sparkle Framework
  • Use the easy drag-and-drop file extraction whenever the application is running

Check out more on the development of this compression software by visiting the official website and clicking on this

Enhanced file security
Enhanced file security

System Requirements

Check the requirements for installing UnRarX on your system:

  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.2 or newer version
  • Processor: PPC based or Intel based CPU
  • Memory: 512MB RAM
  • Size: 1MB free available space