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MetaTrader 5 5.00 Build 1100

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By Hande Njr

On Monday, June 1, 2015

When it comes to forex trading a Metatrader is the ultimate tool for trading. Metatrader 5 was released after Metatrader 4 as an improved trading platform for traders to use, though I don’t feel traders have fully embraced it because Metatrader 4 is still quite popular it is still a great trading platform that offers a lot to the traders. There is a lot in terms of improvement of the technical analysis where the charting area offers an in-depth analysis than in MT4 Also additional trading timeframes have been added in this Metatrader which is an advantage to the trader. Besides the improvements the other aspects still remain the same thus it is a good trading tool that you can place buy or sell orders, it accepts Expert advisors, it has a nice provisional for fundamental and technical analysis. Generally it is a great trading tool that is quite functional for traders.


  • It is quite an improvement from the previous edition.
  • it is easy to use after you are conversant with it.


  • It might take time for majority of traders to embrace it.
  • You need trading knowledge to use this software.
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • learn about new investiments ways. In my country the market have very low volatility and i hope to be better on currency trading using metratrader plat

  • I am going to exchange different symbols under the circumstances of changing parities according to the traders speculations manipulations market trends and countries' actions


The next version of the popular software developed by MetaQuotes tries to get its own way in the current Forex market, proposing some new features regarding its predecessor. MetaTrader 5 is a complete online trading environment from which you can set your foreign currency strategies. The application is available as a free download using your Windows system, as well as mobile Android and iOS devices.

The User Interface has been kept almost exactly the same regarding the previous version, trying to make it more easy-to-use for newcomers

MetaTrader 5 was designed with the purpose of replacing the previous version; however the 4th edition of the application continues working since the 5th edition has applied some additional restrictions including the impossibility of hedging. MetaTrader 5 has proven to be better for programmers, which translates into additional components to download developed by independent third-party collaborators.

The User Interface has been kept almost exactly the same regarding the previous version, trying to make it more easy-to-use for newcomers. The searching tool included will grant you access to the diverse functions and elements in a faster way, without even navigating through the different directories. Minor changes designed for the new software version includes a smaller charting workspace, but this comes almost unnoticed, especially for those users with multiple monitors.

Apply different functions to your graphics
Apply different functions to your graphics

The path of trading

Having an ambitious project such as MetaTrader 5 regarding the success of the previous version is no easy task. The new MQL5 has not included backward support with the MT4, which means that your custom online indicators and Experts Advisor or Trading Robots elements that you had will have to be ported to the new version, something that's quite difficult for beginners. However, in exchange the number of indicators and timeframes have been significantly increased.

The mechanism of the MataTrader platform is the same, analyzing the current market state in real-time the moment you log in. The latest version of MetaTrader introduces information about the Depth of the Market, which alongside with the automated and algorithmic trading software included makes a great combination of tools for setting up your strategies. If you want to test a new currency move beforehand, you can play safe using the Forex Strategy Tester to preview the most logical outcome for your investment.

MetaQuotes has put a special effort in order to improve the performance of the new software, having an outstanding working speed for all the operations. The advanced built-in reports included for all kinds of trading activities boosts the available operations on options, stocks, DOM, futures and Forex markets at the same time.

Get additional indicators from the market
Get additional indicators from the market

MetaTrader 5 5.00 Build 1100 Features

Find in this section the main features of MetaTrader 5:

  • Better performance and use of resources for a higher working speed
  • Customizable workspace and flexible trading orders
  • Free available Expert Advisors, indicators and other automated elements to download
  • Complete analysis of the market with economic calendar and additional financial news
  • Advanced online technical analysis using analytical tools alongside dozens additional elements
  • New MQL5 language for more powerful tools and functions
  • Set alerts regarding pending operations or set automated functions to avoid wasting your time
  • Have complete access from your Android device, iPhone or iPad with the mobile app version
  • Complete your software with additional elements to install such as the following

Get the complete information about MetaTrader 5 clicking on the following link.

System Requirements

Check the minimum requirements of MetaTrader 5 for your system:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later version
  • Processor: Athlon 64, Intel Pentium 4 or faster
  • Memory: 512MB RAM
  • Size: 33MB Free space available