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Construction Simulator 2015 Full Version





By Hande Njr

On Friday, May 22, 2015

There is nothing better than a simulation game because it gives the gamer a near realism experience which one can enjoy to the maximum. It is a product Entwicklung GmgH which is available on a commercial license. The game is available on personal computers thus on Windows platform preferably windows vista seven or eight as well as Mac OS X with a minimum requirement of Mac OS X 10.8.Basically in this game you are tasked with construction work thus a construction company where you even have actual construction machines like earth movers. In this game you have the opportunity to create wealth by making money which will help you to expand your construction company to different regions. Manufactures like STILL, LIEBHERR and MAN are featured in the game. It is quite a comprehensive game that impact real life skills to the gamer.Generally it is a great game that everyone should enjoy.


  • It is easy to play.
  • the game has amazing graphics.


  • the game has little problems that should be fixed.



get over 200 missions on construction simulator with excellent online gameplay experience.

By Newton Amadioha

On Monday, November 2, 2015

Construction simulator 2015 Full version

In the very beginning, I looked at construction simulator 2015 with the same view as with other “insert daily task here” simulator games. This point of view was rather irrational and did not hold any water. I am not saying that this game is the winner of this year’s innovation award but it surely has its own distinct merits.When playing the game, I found out that it is more satisfying to have something to show for your efforts in this sort of simulator game.

The game has over 200 great missions,all which provide a wonderful online gameplaying experience you would expect in a simulation.Its mod support feature allows players to create own game content using official construction kit and intergrate it in the game.


This game certainly wins out over the likes of farming simulator 2015 full version in the sense that it gives you some nice scenery and results as well as progression in the form of not only bigger but also better missions to boot. I rate it 8/10.


  • SAE controls for excavator experiences
  • High availability of manuals and tutorials


  • Multiplaying works better with only one or two colleages.



Construction Simulator 2015: It's not a mere driving simulator.. Its a business simulator!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Simulators…Simulators…Simulators! There are tons of simulator games for almost everything ranging from goat to spaceship! Almost every title in each classification of simulators inherits similarities in physics, controls and game progression. For example, car simulator puts you inside a car cockpit and lets you take pointless monotonous rides across ugly-looking city with boxy buildings. You’re mistaken if you list Construction Simulator among such games. Construction simulator is actually simulating a business! Not a few machines! It sports both realism and progression.

Buy a couple of joysticks if you really want to take the fun and realism to a higher level. There’s something called SAE controls which lets you replicate the control levers inside excavators. You’ll start as a labourer of a construction company (name is not specified) who has access to every vehicle owned by the company. If you’re playing alone, you’ll have to load amphibious excavators onto the truck and take it to the construction site, and operate it at the working site. If your friends are online, you can divide the workload among them.


Construction simulator is one of the best Simulator titles out there. SAE controls make it the most realistic game ever produced. I love the freedom it provides. You can add or replace vehicles and locations as you like. If you’re good at 3D modelling, you can develop your own mods too. Overall, it’s a must play title. I rate it 8.3 out of 10!


  • SAE Controls for life like excavator operation
  • Social gaming has never been so fun
  • You can download or create mods for the game
  • Realistic vehicle sounds and graphics


  • Glitches present in some missions




For what are you going to use the program?
  • To have fun with and not to sell to others or make profit whatsoever relating to Construction Simulator 2015 or the makers/publishers of this game.

  • I am using this program to enjoy my free time! Rather than doing nothing I can just play and have some fun! To also learn new stuff that can help me in the future!

  • again skills on how to operate construction machinery , which is going to help acquire a job and be able to feed my family and also sustain m

  • In order to enjoy myslef by having fun playing the game, but also to improve my hand to eye coordination and reaction time and general construction skills.

  • for gaming and to have fun while playing a game and will enjoy myself play this game if it does actually work on my comp after i hve downloaded it

What similar programs have you used?
  • riving heavy vehicles and be part in consctruction where i can gain experience about how those heavily equipment work. I am developmentally disable and i love to learn to do construction

  • games all like and play every thing also happy and more product and current software using the browser many of conformation and entertainment

  • fun and entertainment learning for my kids and for the inner kid in myself because i love games on the computer that help show real life stuff

  • euro truck and also i have played construction simulator 2014 euro truck 2 gmod alll games on steam to be honest with you hope this works!?!

  • the construction game was downloaded related to 2012 model taht much only ried and still searching for good working game in all websites tt

What do you like most about this program?
  • This program is amazingly edited and brought together drums are also amazing with this cats and dogs also i have to feed dog later today goo

  • its building and lots of big heavy machine work its made by simulater i realy like the game it is best thing in the holl wide biggest world

  • the gamplay is awesome its great graphics are beautifull best game of 2015 well simulator game,hope you guys make another on part 2 or something

  • i love construction and this game provides a great experience to see how good it would actually be in real life plus i like how you control everything.

  • The best thing about construction simulator is building and knocking down stuff and digging deep holes while buying cars and driving them around the city


Earth movers possess spectacular rhythm of work that makes everyone contemplate. Roar of these monsters on ignition that gradually fades to clickety-clacking is enough to tempt petrol-heads to get in the driver seat. Try PHPNuking for a while before binning those desires as pipe-dreams, so that you may come across cool stuff like ‘Construction Simulator 2015’. It is the most realistic and detailed construction vehicle simulation ever listed on Steam.

Traditional video game recipe powered by bloodlust and road rage has nothing to do with Construction Simulator series. It’s all about transforming barren fields into a concrete jungle from scratch. It’s obvious that Weltenbauer could kick realism factor up a notch without giving up gameplay fun. Put on your jumpsuit and hard hat… We are taking you to the worksite!

What makes it so good?

Construction Simulator 15 is an ambitious title which takes you to the cockpits of 15 realistic earth movers manufactured by MAN, LIEBHERR and STILL. Either engage in your construction tasks or explore the wide-open world blessed with prepossessing fields, highways and towns. Weave wonders out of what you are entrusted, to welcome new lucrative challenges and start raking in money. Expand your company up to the horizons with various office locations.

Thanks to the intuitive controls scheme! SAE controls make it even possible to steer excavator with two joysticks as in a real excavator

Experience the adrenaline push of taking control of realistic construction site; Thanks to the intuitive controls scheme! SAE controls make it even possible to steer excavator with two joysticks as in a real excavator. Install enormous roof trusses using a mobile crane and test the steadiness of your hand. Control the gigantic pump as in real life to pour concrete to the factory wall panels. Moreover, the game is very close to reality!

The game sports a unique fun packed online multiplayer experience where you can co-op with up to four workers at a time. The player who starts the cooperative session plays the lead role of company (host). He can hire any worker as his team members. However, it is the worker who decides the vehicle he operates. Harmony of players is the success of any cooperative game. Therefore, workload has to be shared creatively to assure cent per cent efficiency.

Mod support is a unique feature of Construction Simulator series which blurs the line between developer and user. Player is allowed to create own game content (work sites and vehicles) using official Construction kit and integrate it into the game. Such user-created mods can be shared with the world through Steamworks community or fan sites. Anyone with basic comprehension on 3D modelling can enter the world of modding. Only prerequisite is 3D graphics software like Maya or 3ds Max as well as a free copy of Unity3D.

Construction Simulator 2015 Full Version Features

Explore ten cool features you’ll love in the game

  • Over 200 construction missions available
  • 15 construction vehicles from MAN, STILL and LIEBHERR comes built-in
  • SAE controls for realistic excavator experience
  • Realistic exhaust notes and background sounds
  • You can create or download custom mods for free; Thanks to DIY tools for PC
  • Dynamic mission selection for hours of non-stop fun
  • Detailed in-game tutorials provided
  • Expansive world with beautiful highways, towns and villages
  • Best online multiplayer experience in a simulation game
  • Best in class 3D graphics with dirt decals

For more details about the game or download free mods, click here

System Requirements

Before clicking download button, make sure that your PC can run the game!

  • OS: Windows Vista or higher
  • CPU: Dual-core with 2.4GHz speed
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Graphics: GeForce 400 or higher (NVIDIA Cards) or Radeon HD 57xx or higher (ATI Cards)
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Hard Drive: At least 3GB available

Note: In case you encounter glitches on a PC that meets above requirements, try updating graphics driver.

Tail Piece

Here is the most realistic construction game ever created! High-quality construction vehicle models powered by intuitive control scheme take the realism factor up a notch. With over 200 great missions and unique online gaming experience, you’ll get hours of adrenaline rush out of the game. Overall, it packs everything you need in a simulation title!