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Get the best Forex trading assistant by downloading and using Trade Station 2.8

By Jackson Muoka

On Friday, June 5, 2015

If you are in the business or interested in the business of foreign exchange this is just the perfect tool for you. TradeStation is a professional level trading platform that has been made for devices running on the windows operating systems platform. This application will offer assistant to all persons in the Forex business by keeping them posted on what is happening in the Forex world.

Form one to start trading on this application they will need to have a minimum deposit of five thousand US dollars and will be expected to pay a monthly usage fee of ninety nine dollars. It is specially made for professional and one is very assures that they will get value for their money since this app will provide them with all the commodities and facilities required to make the business running

After customizing the workspace users are able to get all kind of information in a very short span of time. It is also recommended that users set their workspace in multiple screens to increase the speed for analyzing situations.


  • - An all round the clock worldwide market analysis makes it very useful
  • - One can get different trading platform using a single space


  • - Requires a lot of memory space to install
  • - It is very expensive to trade on this platform
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By Hande Njr

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Any seasoned forex trader in the world today will tell you that besides a nice trading strategy you also need to invest in trading infrastructure or tools. Thus even with the greatest strategy in this world and without the actual tool there is nothing you can do. Among the most important tools is a trading platform which enables the trader to the actual trading. TradeStation 2.8 is a great trading platform that has been created for windows operating system users. Although I find it expensive it has actually value for its worth and it offers a lot of information to the trader as well as a great deal of tweaking capabilities where you can customize your TradeStation’s components to your liking which is quite a good feature. It supports a lot of trading instruments and offers a great deal of indicator that one can choose from. Generally it is a good trading application.


  • It is a very diverse platform.
  • You can tweak a lot on this platform.


  • It is an expensive trading platform.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • trade daily s&p 500 e-mini futures look into further trading of the forex also looking at monitoring the fuel contracts on desiel and crude futures

  • I'm planning to use tradestation with braintrading to time entry and exit point for swing trading options trades. If I am successfull I will expand into futures and forex.

  • i am planning to venture into stock and forex exchange but because i dont really know how it goes, want to see if this program will lead me in the right direction.. we all have to start somewhere

  • Learn how to trade forex and stock options. Once I develop some skill and understanding I will open a live account with one of the major forex companies.

  • trading platform for stocks, options, and forex. Also papertrading to learn advanced setups in market conditions and better myself as a trader.

What similar programs have you used?
  • I use Trade Station version 9.5 Japanese version, struggling to make money out of it. I was wondering if this program could work on the Nikkei

  • Amibroker version 6.00.2 good but not available for some features which I desire. I am hopeful that Tradestaion will fill this gap. And can be used for other programs.

What do you like most about this program?
  • have a good user interface and fast execution in option trading do i really have to do this who is asdfkd dsla dtrkl asdfj adl faa akl fsdf

  • its great for trading simulation and i want to learn how to trade after that i can open a live acoount with your broker thank you very much l

  • strategies analysis and support that it offers. Repayable for all the past action in the financial market . Was looking for such platform without greediness of brokers.

  • to trade stocks and see how it works and compare with other platforms. This will show me the level that i understand about forex and stock mar

  • back testing so that i can make informed decisions on all of my trades.thank you for asking and please continue giving us more softwares fr3


The Forex trading broker community keeps growing day by day due to its potential for making profits with your money whenever you learn to use it right. TradeStation is a professional-level trading platform that aids the users increasing their wealth by taking the opportunities the market offers. This application is available to download for Windows systems.

Although the application is not designed for beginners, the use of TradeStation is simple for adapting the mechanics to most users used to the Forex trading system

Although the application is not designed for beginners, the use of TradeStation is simple for adapting the mechanics to most users used to the Forex trading system. This professional system can be inferred in the $5,000 minimum deposit the users need to get started on the platform, as well as the $99 of monthly charge for using the software. In the final term, the application is worth the price providing all the commodities and facilities for professional traders.

The workspace of TradeStation allows you to check any kind of information in real-time, as long as you customize your space. Setting TradeStation in multiple monitors will enhance the speed in which you can make the analysis of the situation according to the different data you can handle using the power of your system. The resources’ usage is really heavy, so be prepared to handle TradeStation with an optimized computer.

Customize your workspace
Customize your workspace

Multiple utilities

One of the main strong points of this TradeStation is the great number of tools included in the software, covering a great range of functions. The TradingApps for this software include EasyLanguage, TradeManager, and RadarScreen, among other useful free trading apps. You can add additional functions using the TradingApp Store in order to customize the different online broker utilities to download even further.

The use of TradeStation supports installing different kinds of indicators, scripts that can help you during the trading process trying to figure out the imminent foreign currency changes according to the available data. Although there are indicators available from the official store, there are some other sites that offer indicators that are way cheaper and more useful than those in the official application store. You can find these indicators in forums such as or additional elements in the following

TradeStation offers access to all major investment products in a comfortable environment just configuring those that you want to use and analyze. This feature covers additional international markets, so this will help you out in the online trading business. If you are a restless broker, you can use an additional version for Android and iOS devices though some of the functions are not available in the mobile version.

TradeStation 2.8 Features

Check the main features that you can find using the TradeStation trading application:

  • 24-hour a day of worldwide market analysis and real-time updates
  • Use all major assets on a single platform customizing your workspace as you want
  • Split-second instruction execution with an optimized online technology
  • Find new trading opportunities with the dynamic market scanning process
  • Get access to completely free new tools to download and purchase some of the most powerful Forex trading apps in the official store
  • Automate your trading process using the features of EasyLanguage for finding future strategies
  • Comprehensive usage for brokers of every level including educational content for increasing your knowledge
  • Coordinate your efforts with the mobile version of the trading application for your devices
  • Trade bonds, stocks and ETFs (exchange-traded funds) using a single space

For more details about TradeStation, check the official website using the following link.

Create the indicators you want
Create the indicators you want

System Requirements

Find the minimum requirements for installing TrasdeStation on your system:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista SP2 64 or 32-bits or later version
  • Processor: Intel or AMD 1.5 GHz CPU
  • Video Card: 16-bit 64MB card for a single monitor
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Size: 300MB free space
  • Internet 1.5 Mbps connection or faster