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If you are a gamer that gets the latest news about Internet, you probably have notice the constant arguments about console and PC gaming. Each platform has pros and cons about the gameplay system, using a gamepad or the usual combination of keyboard and mouse. Xpadder is a utility especially designed for managing your gamepad controller, adding new functions to the different key combinations. This software is available to download for Windows operating systems.

This software is especially designed for managing your gamepad controller, adding new functions to the different key combinations

Although not all the games that you may play are fully compatible with most of the features of modern day gamepad controllers, Xpadder enhances this poor support and offers complete compatibility even for those games with no gamepad support. This alternative for playing your favorite games also offers emulation for the classic PC gaming way of keyboard and mouse.

The different graphical menus that are displayed are an easy way to configure Xpadder, assigning the different functions to the connected gamepad, once it is installed and working. The interface is very simple and intuitive, designed with the objective of being working in just a couple clicks after choosing the model you are planning to use among the different gamepads available.

Set the different controls for your pad
Set the different controls for your pad

Great pad support

This Xpadder application includes a great database over 120 different gamepad controllers, including their drivers and adapters. The support has been increased for enabling the use of dance mats, guitars, drum kits, steering wheels, joysticks or arcade sticks among others. Using Xpadder increases the diversity for playing to the same game, setting your customized sharable profiles, spreading them on the Internet to download by other users.

The fine-tuning configuration of the gamepads allows modifying the settings for left-handed gamers. Connecting several gamepads to your system allows multiplayer gaming, supporting up to 16 different pads at the same time. The software additionally simulates mouse movements and keypresses as an alternative for the classic way of controlling your system.

However, gaming purposes are not the only field in which this software acts. Connecting your gamepad to your system enables the possibility of controlling your video/music software, setting customizable hotkeys for the different actions you need. Enjoy the control of your system and your games in a complete different way with different free profiles and possibilities.

Check the properties of your hardware
Check the properties of your hardware

Xpadder 5.7 Features

These are the features available for this Xpadder software:

  • Full emulation for keyboard and mouse actions
  • Compatible with shockwave/java games and other applications without native gamepad support
  • Free sharable profiles for getting configured your pads right away
  • Native support for different alternatives such as drum kits, dance mats, steering wheels and more
  • Configure your pad the way you need for left-handed people
  • Compatibility with rumble force feedback and other advanced options

If you are interested in this Xpadder application, check the full list of features from its official site before the download.

System Requirements

Discover the minimum requirements for installing Xpadder on your system:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: 233MHz Pentium CPU or faster
  • Size: 37.2 MB free space available


For what are you going to use the program?
  • Getting rid of deadzone in my steering wheel. I am hoping that this program will fix it. 52 characters left? Really... Let me just download!

  • I'm going to use this as a game utility because some games are better on a controller than a keyboard and I hate your minimum length limit for this.

  • I am going to use xpadder for windows eight point one to play one of my favourite games from Hinterlnad Studio called The Long Dark and this will be awesome

What similar programs have you used?
  • none this is the first, lol. seriously 150 characters? whatisthis hello? okay let's check how many left, only 36? now only eighteen so done.

  • Older xpadder that doesn't update on its own why do i have to write 150 characters of text, i mean really, its absolutely unneccessary, just let me get my download

What do you like most about this program?
  • It gives me power to play complex computer games with the simplistic and familiar feel to my hand via a controller. It simply brings joy to my face.

  • it being free and allows u to use controllers to set up dozens of features makes this the number one program that i believe to work with an xbox controller

  • idk man i just wana try it, herd i could use it o play one of my video games so i figured why not aperntly it has nice reveiws and supports other things

  • If this works, I'll be able to play SSF2 with a proper conrtol scheme; it probably won't work though. This says that I have to enter 39 characters, so I'm using up space.


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