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MetaTrader 4 4.00 Build 765: The best Forex trading tool to help you grow your business to great heights

By Jackson Mbindyo

On Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Are you in the Forex trade business and still stuck with some petty issues on how to best make your business achieve its set targets? Then the best trading tool to help you is MetaTrader 4. This software is developed by MetaQuotes; and this software is very useful tool in al people dealing with foreign exchange.

MetaTrader 4 is usually available for free to download and it is supported by all devices running on Linux, Mac OS X, windows, IOS and Android. This software is very useful for doing market analysis to help run Forex businesses easily. It also supports algorithmic trading using an electronic platform.

It is easy to customize the workspace of this software by rearranging the windows according to individual needs. For faster working, this software has diverse indicators and automatable functions. This software comes with a multitude of instruments for completing the functions it is destined for.


  • - Compatible with a large number of operating systems
  • - Both supported by computers as well as laptops and tablets


  • - Requires quite high memory space.
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By Hande Njr

On Monday, June 1, 2015

I have been a forex trader for the last three years and I have used Metatrader 4 and it is a great tool. Before I even get to the technical aspect of this trading software I need to emphasize that you need to have knowledge of Forex trading before even thinking about this software. Basically this is a Forex trading application that is a product of Metaquotes Software Corporation that is available on various platforms like Windows and Mac OS X.As a trader you opt for a certain broker in the market and Metatrader 4 comes in handy because it supports most of the major brokers on their platform which acts as a trading tool; thus you put in buy or sell orders on currency pairs, indices, commodities or metals, As an analysis tool; with a provisional capability of fundamental or technical analysis complete with awesome indicators like Parabolic, Bulls, Bears and ichimoku among others. It offers the trader a display capability of candlesticks, line charts or bar charts. A lot of aspects are customizable in this application to suite the traders specifications. It also supports Expert Advisors commonly known as EA’s in forex. I’m confident that around 85% percent of forex traders have used Metatrader 4.It is quite comprehensive.


  • It is very fuctional once you know how to use it.
  • It is quite comprehensive thus is covers many trading aspects.
  • it can be customized in various aspects.


  • You need to have knowledge of Forex trading in order to use this software.
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The time for you to start trading has come. Let´s use the best tool

By Ellie Teller

On Monday, April 11, 2016

MetaTrader 4 is a forex trading tool that allows you to have complete control over the financial world. Warning: if you your knowledge about trading only include having successfully watched the Wolf of Wall Street, then you’d better give a better use to your time, otherwise you can lose tons of money here. For users that know something about this, MetaTrader 4 is the best companion you could ask for. It analyzes all the information for you and presents it in an intuitive way which is also accurate thanks to the scripts and indicators pre-installed. You can also use additional expert advisors (indicators) of your liking, but of course, this must be done at your own risk, since many of them won´t work as you´d expect. By using MetaTrader 4, you can start hanging out with the community of traders to share experiences, get information about the market and learn new tricks to improve your trading.


  • It packs a ton of useful tools for trading
  • The app is available for mobiles


  • You are playing with real money here
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I will use the metatrader program for trading the financial instruments provided by my broker, like forex pairs, precious metals and energy CFDs.

  • trading the bitcoin markets using contract for difference on ReactOS windows operating system. I am going to buy some rare pepe, a new crib,

  • testing specific strategies to validate its effectiveness with tickstroy because its require older version of mt4 build which is 765 lets see if it works.

  • i need this software to trade forex, write trading tools (EA, indikator and scripts). I've tried to download MT4 on the web but never met any.

  • spread betting with IG. My IG metatrader4 account is activated. But I have other brokers as well and I want to link all of them with old metatrader software

What similar programs have you used?
  • I already using mt4 but I need previous version thats the reason I am downloading that. please allow me to download and install this mt4 its is very useful for me thanks

  • You are about to dowYour Your download is always availabledownload is always availablenload MetaTrader 4 4.00 Build 765 from our server Advantages:

  • MetaTrader5 from metaquotes why? becuase it's amazing and this textbox is demanding a very long answer for some reason? I don't understand at

  • metatrader4 and metasock program also some time i study some book taht tell me who can i know more languge of computer but still i domt under

  • I have used only Meta Trader 4 Build 971. Not sure what else to add here besides the above. Please let me konw if there is anything else required

What do you like most about this program?
  • it's free and very comprehensive and the best thing since slice bread even though you can't exactly eat it it tastes really great with peanut

  • test the scarpet and understand the program it will be helpfully thank you very much for this program its good please send me email

  • good speed, right indicators, expert advisers. I can wright custom indicarors and becom quality of modely more than 99 percentage. Very good build.

  • Its Free once in a while I like to delete things and as soon as I do I realize that I needed the files I deleted so here I am again looking for them

  • good software easy to use, save a lot of timehaving to do it yourself. seems to work really well. but will need to do more test beofore putting real money


Having one of the most popular trading tools by your side can't be bad at all. MetaTrader 4 is a Forex trading tool developed by MetaQuotes that includes indispensable utilities for making the most out of your money on the foreign exchange market. This cross-platform application is free to download for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, as well as available to download for mobile devices running iOS or Android.

The popularity of this tool among most traders comes from the native support of algorithmic trading

MetaTrader 4 works as a great market analysis tool for traders that are looking for a simple yet complete application covering the indispensable functions for making the trading process faster and easier. The popularity of this tool among most traders comes from the native support of algorithmic trading, using the electronic platform in order to arrange automatic trades whenever you set the operations.

The workspace is fully customizable, being able to rearrange the windows according to your needs, using a single or multiple monitors for checking data faster in a single view. The application has been designed in order to offer all the information immediately, refreshing the online data in real-time in a user-friendly environment.

Trends and mathematical functions to add
Trends and mathematical functions to add

The way for the expertize

For making the operations easier, MetaTrader 4 includes diverse indicators to start working with, as well as including customizable scripts for automatable functions. Using these utilities together increases the possibilities of a successful operation, trying to advance the future value of the national and foreign currency value. The confidence of the trading platform is substantial using expert assessors involved in significant operations for the calm of the investors. You can get these indicators from different sources, such as specialized forums, where you can learn more about Forex trading. Find more content to use in this , as well as getting more indicators in this

This MetaTrader 4 version includes a great diversity of instruments for completing the functions that the user can use. These components include a Client Terminal for real-time online trading, as well as technical analysis of the current value of the currencies. The Manager is designed in order to handle customer accounts and trade inquiries, the Server handle diverse user requests such as display and performing of execution of warrants; this last function works alongside with the Administrator that allows you to remotely manage server settings.

Adapting this software to the new necessities and claims of the users has ended in the development of a mobile version of the same application. This way you can use your Android or iOS device for performing functions without the main MetaTrader 4 Forex client for your computer, having complete financial information no matter where you are.

Check the value of the money
Check the value of the money

MetaTrader 4 4.00 Build 765 Features

Check the main features that MetaTrader 4 offers to its users:

  • Control all your Forex financial operations through the MetaTrader 4 workspace
  • Free basic indicators and scripts included by default for helping the brokers
  • Complete package with indispensable components to start working for online technical analysis
  • Download additional components for the client increasing the number of functions available from the MetaTrader Market
  • Join the popular trader community for getting the latest information about the market
  • Application available for your mobile device
  • Set your strategies automatically using the built-in MQL4 trading language, MetaEditor, and Strategy tester functions

For an advanced learning about this trading client, check the official product’s website clicking here.

System Requirements

Check the requirements of MetaTrader 4 for your computer.

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 or later version
  • Processor: 1GHz CPU
  • Memory: 512MB RAM
  • Size: 16.8MB Free space available
  • Minimum resolution 1024 x 768